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Health Care Services

ONS Ontario Nursing Services was established in 1986 with a purpose to strive for excellence in providing health care services.

ONS is a fully accreditated and quality assured agency. We are proud to be a contracted service provider under Scarborough CCAC and York Region Social Services.

A community based nursing agency with hospital, in-home and long term care expertise.

Receives referrals from hospitals, nursing homes, health professionals and other privates cases.



We offer training programs to our workers.

We provide care to meet your needs.

We provide private nurses / personal support workers in your home, hospital or long term care facilities.

Multilingual staff to meet the needs of our multicultural community.

Client escort services for medical appointments, etc.

We offer reasonable and competitive rates. 


Personal Care Support Services 

Hospital Private Care

Nursing Home Services

Special care for Alzheimer's

Palliative care

Domestic Care

Client escorting Service 

Insurance coverage


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