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Background / History


  Ontario Nursing Services Ltd (ONS) was established in 1986 specializing in serving the multicultural community. ONS is a Canadian owned community based health care agency. We are dedicated in providing high quality, cost effective health care services.

  As a community based health care agency with hospital, in-home and long-term care service expertise, ONS is committed to the provision of a full range of nursing, homemaking and PSW services to Clients of all ages with Acquired Brain Injury, spinal injury, medical, obstetrical, mental health, pediatrics, psychological, surgical, geriatric rehabilitation, respite, visual/hearing impaired, cognitively impaired and palliative care needs. As a resource utilization and cost saving strategy, ONS has provided service using a cluster care model to a number of Client living in close proximity (e.g., in an apartment building, retirement homes and group homes).

  ONS recognizes the unique needs of every Client, especially the elderly and non-English speaking Clients in its community and will strive to respond to these needs through the development of a full range of community programs and referral services to professional staff such as social worker, speech-pathologist, occupational and physiotherapist, dietitian, Meals On Wheels program and alternative style health practitioners.

  We acknowledge the Client’s need to maintain community involvement for promotion of the Client’s quality of life. ONS is committed to working with the community agencies, (i.e., Community Care Access Centre, York Region Social Services etc.) in the development of coordinated health care services to maintain, promote, and maximize health, privacy, dignity, self-esteem and the Client’s quality of life.

  ONS will maintain a safe and healthy environment in which staff can achieve both personal development and satisfaction, and thereby maximizing their contribution to Client care. ONS also participates in selected teaching of cultural understanding programs and first aid/emergency care programs.

  To demonstrate our commitment in providing safe, high quality Client centered care, ONS undertakes Continuous Quality Improvement / Risk Management programs to ensure all services are provided in a holistic, quality ensured and safe manner.  Clients with special needs (physical, psychological, social and spiritual) are served in consultation with the Client and their families, friends, and community expertise groups.

  We are proud to be under contract to provide PSW and Homemaking

Services to Clients of Central and Central East Local Health Integration Networks.


Our Client Centered Philosophy


  We provide Client centered, competent, compassion that is culturally and linguistic appropriate care to our Clients. We assist our Clients to maintain or achieve maximum independent activity of daily living and enjoy the highest quality of life possible to their relative potential within their home setting and institution. 

   We are committed to planning, coordinating and delivering excellent quality, cost effective Homemaking and Personal Support Services using the latest standards, technology and practice through an innovative, focused and well organized care delivery system that are catered to our Client’s needs.

  We understand that health is more than treating injury or illness and it goes beyond the definition of absence of disease and infirmity to a state of physical, mental, and social well-being. We recognize that health, therefore has many dimensions and as such we will take the approach of holistic care that is sensitive to the Client’s choice, Client’s cultural, emotional, spiritual behavior, lifestyles, social, economic and physical environments.

  We believe that health and wellness, independent living, and quality of life can be maintained through the provision of a continuance of care delivered by an inter-disciplinary team. This is done through our innovative case management where Client’s family members, care givers and other health care team participate in planning and evaluating the Client’s goal. We also have developed specific enhanced programs to address the linguistic, cultural, and spiritual needs of our Client. The goal is to continuously provide or assist the Client to maintain independent living so that he/she can enjoy the highest quality of life as much as possible. 

  We are a company dedicated to protecting and promoting Client privacy, Client rights, honoring Client diversity and supporting independent living. Effective management and monitoring programs enable us to provide services that is safe, high quality and Client-centered.

  ONS has been serving the needs of individuals requiring health services for over 30 years. We have developed high standards, CQI process, Risk management, updated policies and procedures and guidelines for our health services to meet all current professional and legislative requirements. We have had extensive experience in providing homemaking and nursing services to our Clients, Insurance Companies, Health Care Institutions, LHINs and York Region Social Assistant program with positive feedback and excellence results. Our experiences together with our philosophy of providing Client centered, cost effective, excellent quality, caring and compassionate services enable us to be fully qualified as service provider of homemaking services for Client of Greater Toronto Area (GTA).

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